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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Supplements for Eye Floaters

Today, there are a large variety of supplements which are available for the cure of Eye floaters. A supplement helps in decreasing the amount of eye floaters and therefore it serves the best solution for this type of eye disorder. One thing you must keep in mind, you first have to consult with a physician before using any supplement as he will suggest you the best one. Here are three common supplements for eye floaters available in the market.
Vitamin A Supplements : Vitamin A is surely one of the best vitamins which is using for the treatment of many problems including eye floaters. It has been proved medically that an intake of vitamin A supplements will help the patient to get relieve from the small pieces of debris in the vitreous. In case you don't want to take supplements then you can start eating those foods items which have sources of Vitamin A. These foods are fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, butter, meat and oily saltwater fish.

Bilberry Supplements : Bilberry is a plant which has been using by people as a medicine for eye disorder from many decades. An eye disorder normally happens when vitreous humor detaches from retina; this detachment can be stopped by you with the help of bilberry. The reason is that this plant provides support to eye capillaries and this support is quite important for healing of an eye disorder. Due to this support, the pressure on vitreous humor will decrease and it will not detach from retina. You can easily get bilberry supplements from medical store.

Eyebright: It is another way to treat the floaters. Eyebright has been using for a number of eye disorder from middle ages. In ancient times, eye bright was tagged as a treatment for "all evils of the eye" So buy one from medical store, use it and enjoy wonderful results. If you want to search different eye brights then i suggest you to check online Amazon store as there are a number of eye brights for your eye problems. you are able to gather the description of each in a very clear and detailed manner. Here are names of some eyebrights:
Nature's Answer Eyebright Herb
Nature's Way Eyebright Herb

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  1. Kindly explain in detail about the causes of eyes floater, if you can explain means you are directing patients with eye floaters toward the right direction of taking the correct supplements. If not, it is difficult for people to accept.